yoga teacher doing pranayama

How Practicing Yoga Pranayama Can Help With Stress

There are various reasons why individual stress levels might be higher than usual in today’s climate. Not only are there unknowns surrounding the pandemic and its resolution, but many fitness ...

Teaching Yoga Online

Teaching Online Yoga for Beginners: Tips for the Transition

Offering remote yoga classes has been an idea I have thought about for a while due to the value it could bring to my business. For instance, offering online courses could help me market and reach ...

yoga instructor posing in front of a peaceful lake setting

Yoga Poses Deconstructed: A Master Class in Yoga Modifications

Hatha yoga is the branch of yoga that deals with the physical body, and its early practice focused on rigorous discipline. In hatha tradition, ASANAS (yoga postures) and PRANAYAMA (breathing ...

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