Q&A With Lisa M. Germani: The Joys of Group Fitness

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A Chat With Lisa Germani:

How does she do it? Balance her work as a reporter and teach Group Fitness through AFAA?

Within this Group Fitness Q&A you will learn a lot about the joys of group fitness and how Lisa used an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Cert to explore the wonderful world of group fitness and yoga.

But first, here's a little bit of information about Lisa Germani:

Lisa Germani is a metro Detroit-based TV personality and producer, who has recently relocated home to Michigan, after spending almost 20 years in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. In addition to her on-camera hosting and producing background, Germani is also a seasoned talent relations executive, celebrity talent booker and former network publicist. Currently, Germani can be seen on CBS Detroit WWJ-TV doing feature reporting for “Eye on Detroit” and on CW50 Detroit as an Anchor for the show “Community Connect.”

In addition to her entertainment background, Germani is also an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor and yoga devotee. She resides in a Metro Detroit suburb with her husband Brad and dog Tucker.

What Sparked Your Love of Yoga and Group Fitness?

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Group Fitness has always been motivating for me, in a special way, because of the sense of community and comradery it brings to each class.

To have each individual working toward a collective goal alongside one another, always makes my heart smile. 

In addition to that, I appreciate being surrounded by the energy of others who help to push me to my edge.

I fell in love with Yoga as soon as I began practicing, as I realized that it’s an entire body workout, on a physical level and a beautiful practice of breathing and letting go mentally.

I truly believe yoga gifts each of its practitioners with a more empathetic and calm approach to everyday life, and that radiates throughout the studio.


Do You Remember Your First Group Fitness Class?

It was a “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” class with Richard Simmons in my family room with my Mom! We would get up each morning before school and do a class together during my youth. From there, I was hooked! I loved the music, the energy and the special time spent with my Mom motivating one another and having fun while we exercised! [Fun sidebar story- when I worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to meet Richard Simmons and workout with him, and a few of my colleagues, in a television segment. It was a day I will never forget!]

How do You Balance Work and Fitness?

It’s so easy to find reasons why we can’t fit workouts in to our daily lives, especially with the frenetic pace in which so many of us operate now. However, I think that once we realize that we are kinder people, more productive workers, more patient parents, spouses and friends after a workout, we manage to make our daily workouts a priority. I generally fit my workouts in any time I have at least a one hour window during the day. I always feel better afterwards.  On the days that I just can’t seem to make it happen, I try not to beat myself up too much. Giving ourselves grace is very important in our fitness practice.

How Did You Become Interested in Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor?

When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked out at EQUINOX in the South Bay. The instructors there were all so much fun, so inspirational and so motivating, that I couldn’t wait to get to class each evening. One of the instructors noticed my fitness dedication and suggested that I had a great foundation for becoming an instructor. I thought to myself- what a compliment! So, later that year, I began my studies for my certification. A little encouragement certainly went a long way!

What Lead You to Choose AFAA for Your Certification?

When I looked at each of the programs, AFAA seemed like the most organized, easy to understand program. There was nothing intimidating about it. Instead, I felt encouraged by the people I spoke with initially, and very welcomed as a new student.

What’s Your Favorite Format to Teach?

While I love teaching HIIT classes because of the energy, music and physical challenge, I would have to say that my favorite format would be Yoga, at this point in my life.  I find it to be so rewarding watching fellow practitioners evolve in their practice, and benefit from all of the special experiences that Yoga can bring to our lives.  I have seen it transform people on so many beautiful levels. It heals so many of us from the inside out.

Do You Have Any Advice for Someone Who Is Thinking About Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor?

I would say to ABSOLUTELY go for it!  If you are a natural, compassionate leader who truly wants to share your love for fitness, and you enjoy motivating people to get healthy and strong, it’s the right place for you. There is no greater gift than helping others as a Group Fitness Instructor.

Meet your clients where they are in their fitness journey. There is an important distinction between pushing them to increase their fitness potential and pushing them too far. Each body is different.

Anything Else You Want to Share – Personal, Professional, Etc.?

For anyone who is working toward optimal health, I would just like to remind them to listen to their body, honor it. Don’t push too hard. Let fitness become part of your lifestyle, not a chore that you dread having to cross off your list each day. Choose your meals wisely and nourish your body with nutritional fuel. So much of our health depends upon our food choices. And remember, there are days that you’re going to fail. That’s all part of the journey.

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