Integrating Balance Training Into Group Exercise

    While your group fitness students are enthusiastic about getting stronger and improving their endurance, they may not be aware that, in addition to focusing on strength, cardiovascular ...

woman lying on her back doing restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga: Finding Peace in a Stressful World

Originally appeared in the Spring 2020 Issue of American Fitness Magazine People tend to measure themselves and their goals against certain metrics, some of which may be arbitrary. It’s quite common ...

Man sitting on ground and looking at phone

Social Media and Body Image: #Fitspiration at Its Worst

As a nutrition expert, you have the privilege of helping your clients form a positive relationship with their diet. Food is fuel. But food is (seemingly) fattening. If you think you are too fat, the ...

Indoor cycling class

Power in Motion: Using Watts to Amp Up Indoor Cycling Drills

Originally published in the spring 2018 issue of American Fitness Magazine. We have all seen “those riders” who pedal super-fast on their indoor cycles with little or no resistance. They’re smiling, ...

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