5 Reasons to Teach Yoga [2020 Guide]

5 Reasons to Teach Yoga [2020 Guide]

In a world that's changing every day, from how we connect with our friends and neighbors to the ways we engage in our favorite fitness classes and activities, one thing that isn't changing is Yoga. The ...

How to Run an Online Group Fitness Class [Guide]

7 Cool Down Exercises to do After a Group Fitness Class

How to Craft Creative HIIT Classes for Group Fitness

a picture of a vegetarian salad with walnuts

Plant-Based Eating: Simple Strategies to Incorporate

  Plant-based nutrition has been a topic of conversation stemming from exposure in the media and recent research in the world of documentaries. The general public, including ourselves and clients, is ...

group fitness participants posing for camera

Group Fitness Teaching Tips During our Trying Times

    Group fitness is surviving and even thriving through these trying times. Participants have found various personal reasons to keep attending classes or attend for the first time, whether virtually ...

Integrating Balance Training Into Group Exercise

    While your group fitness students are enthusiastic about getting stronger and improving their endurance, they may not be aware that, in addition to focusing on strength, cardiovascular ...

instructor hi-fiving group fitness class participants

How to Thrive as an Introverted Fitness Instructor

When you arrive at your next group fitness class and see your favorite instructor standing at the front of the room with a bright smile and inviting eyes, do you ever think to yourself, "I could ...

yoga teacher doing pranayama

How Practicing Yoga Pranayama Can Help With Stress

There are various reasons why individual stress levels might be higher than usual in today’s climate. Not only are there unknowns surrounding the pandemic and its resolution, but many fitness ...

a group fitness instructor teaching a class outside

How to Be a Good Fitness Instructor: Strategies for Your Success

  So … you’ve finally made it!    You’ve passed your test, and you are officially a Certified Group Fitness Instructor – CONGRATULATIONS!  Now it’s time to figure out where you “fit in.”   ...

group fitness instructor building muscle with kettlebell

How to Build Muscle With Group Fitness

So, you want to work on those Gains?! We like it! We support it, and we want to help!

group fitness class participants being cued by instructor

Cueing Group Fitness: Inclusive Cues to Keep Participants Safe

No Group Fitness Instructor sets out with the intention of hurting or injuring participants. Most get into the profession to help and connect others to their fitness goals. But sometimes, we Group ...

group fitness instructor leading a workout

Why Getting a Certification Will Make You a Better Fitness Instructor

Group exercise has gained popularity as more people find it fun and engaging. This is usually because of the group mentality. Participants challenge themselves more, work harder, and are committed to ...

Overcoming Perfectionism

Tips From Angie - How Do We Overcome Perfectionism


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