What to Do When a Group Fitness Participant Can’t Get the Exercise Technique Down

How to Help a Group Fitness Participant Get Their Technique Right

If you’ve ever struggled to teach a class participant a particular exercise or combination that they just aren’t getting, you know how frustrating it can feel—for both of you. Your job as a fitness ...

Music Licensing: Do I Need to be Worried About Music Copyrights?

You don’t need to worry, but you may need a license: It’s required any time popular music is played publicly (beyond family-and-friends situations), regardless of whether it’s music you’ve purchased ...

Looking to Give Back While Also Expanding Your Training Impact? Maybe It’s Time to Consider Training for a Cause.

Looking to Give Back While Also Expanding Your Training Impact?

In addition to improving your clients’ fitness, have you looked for ways to use your expertise and services to benefit a cause? With a little planning and creativity you can help make a positive ...

Fitness Pros Share Similar Questions About Client Motivation and Adherence

Recently, Lawrence Biscontini posted an open-call for group movement instructors, personal trainers and life coaches to share their questions on social media. Following are some of the posts and his ...

How Your Voice Can Improve Your Success as a Fitness Instructor

As a former group exercise manager, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate countless fitness instructors teaching classes. One thing that always stood out was the association between an instructor’s ...

Dealing with Negative Feedback from Group Exercise Participants

Receiving positive feedback from group exercise participants about your performance as a fitness instructor can make your day! It feels great to be praised and confirms that you're on the right track ...

4 Strategies For Reaching Out to New Group Fitness Participants

The easy part of being a fitness instructor or group trainer is welcoming regular participants into class each week. They’re familiar to us, and each other. We see them often enough to know a bit ...

Teaching a Fitness Class for the First Time

Teaching a Fitness Class for the First Time

Getting ready to teach a fitness class for the first time can feel nerve-wracking at best and terrifying at worst. Whether it’s a new-to-you format, a class at a new location or literally your first ...

Music’s Exercise Influence

What tunes are powering your workout? From rap and hip-hop, to hard rock and dance, each genre has the potential to take you to that higher level, push you through the last rep, or get you to the ...

Group Fitness: Substitute Teaching Do’s and Don’ts

Group Fitness: Substitute Teaching Do’s and Dont's

Have you ever said yes to subbing, then have second thoughts? Subbing can be scary, but it's a great opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills and build your reputation. The challenge of ...

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