AFAA Yoga Instructor Teaching an Outdoor Class

Namaste in Group Fitness

Yoga is not for fitness instructors who can’t jump around anymore, and yoga isn’t all about being flexible, at least not how one might think. Here in the west, we’ve adopted one limb of the yoga ...

Indoor Cycling Class Goals

Planning/Communicating Your Riding Goals in a Cycling Class

An indoor cycling class experience should be more than just pedaling on a stationary bike while listening to high energy music and getting in a great workout. Don’t get me wrong; these are big ...


3 Truths to Help You Practice Yoga Consistently

As a fitness professional and yoga instructor for more than a decade, I have received tons of feedback from yoga practitioners. More often than I can count, I have heard students and members express ...

HIIT These: Interval Training 5 Different Ways

HIIT These: Interval Training 5 Different Ways

Interval classes continue to be in high demand on group fitness schedules—and for good reason. The learning curve is low for participants, and prep time is minimal for instructors. However, teaching ...

Constructive Criticism vs. Destructive Criticism

Playlist Do’s & Don'ts for Your Indoor Cycling Classes

Music is important in any group fitness class, but especially so in indoor cycling. A good indoor cycling playlist can elevate the workout from okay to amazing. With so much riding on the right ...


A Perspective on High-Intensity Interval Training

As the popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and high work rate-type resistance training, also referred to as metabolic resistance training continue to grow, is there an increasing ...

What to Do When a Group Fitness Participant Can’t Get the Exercise Technique Down

How to Help a Group Fitness Participant Get Their Technique Right

If you’ve ever struggled to teach a class participant a particular exercise or combination that they just aren’t getting, you know how frustrating it can feel—for both of you. Your job as a fitness ...

Music’s Exercise Influence

What tunes are powering your workout? From rap and hip-hop, to hard rock and dance, each genre has the potential to take you to that higher level, push you through the last rep, or get you to the ...

Group Fitness versus Group Personal Training- Are We Really So Different?

Group Fitness versus Group Personal Training - Are We Really So Different?

What Can We Learn From One Another? Group fitness has certainly evolved over the years. Thanks to changing trends in the industry, better education and certifications, along with more programming ...

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