Emotional Intelligence

Tips From Angie: Emotional Intelligence

Remember when emotional intelligence first started making headlines? Now more than ever emotional intelligence matters, especially for us as instructors. Being self-aware, socially aware, empathetic ...

group fitness participants high fiving

Grow Your Group Fitness Business with Big Data


Q&A With Lisa M. Germani: The Joys of Group Fitness

A Chat With Lisa Germani: How does she do it? Balance her work as a reporter and teach Group Fitness through AFAA?

group fitness participants smiling

7 Tips for Self-Care While Teaching Virtual Group Fitness Classes

Teaching group fitness classes can be physically demanding on the body, especially if an instructor is teaching a high volume of classes weekly. Instructors need to keep their own physical self-care ...

online yoga class in session

5 Reasons to Teach Yoga [2020 Guide]

In a world that's changing every day, from how we connect with our friends and neighbors to the ways we engage in our favorite fitness classes and activities, one thing that isn't changing is Yoga. ...

Tips From Angie: Kettlebell Progressions for Group Fitness

This week, Angie takes you through two kettlebell sets, each with three progressions. The sets can be implemented into a variety of group fitness formats and adapted to meet the needs of your ...

Indoor cycler learning from instructor

Indoor Cycling Form: A Complete Guide

Whether you are new to indoor cycling or a seasoned rider, having the proper form on the bike is essential. Not only does it ensure a more comfortable ride, but it also minimizes the risk of injury ...

Online group fitness teacher demonstrating exercise for client

How to Run an Online Group Fitness Class [Guide]

Imagine you are a successful group fitness instructor. It has taken you many years to build up your skills, class numbers, and clientele. Suddenly, your successful group fitness practice was smashed ...

4 Ideas to Improve Your Fitness Instructing During Social Distancing

Group fitness instructors are a driven cohort of social beings and helpers. Social distancing can feel like a significant loss. The once day-to-day connection with clients has been replaced with home ...

Top 10 Tips for Remote Group Exercise Training

Online training comes with its own set of challenges. To make sure your clients and your online business are well taken care of - we recommend the following 10 tips.

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