AFAA Yoga Instructor

Teaching a Candlelight Yoga Class in a Fitness Setting

There are essential factors to consider before scheduling and teaching a gentle candlelight yoga class in a fitness setting. One reason for this is that not all corporate and commercial fitness ...

Group Fitness Class

What Are the AFAA 5 Questions™ and Why Do They Matter?

One of the most important responsibilities of the group exercise instructor is to perform the proper “standard of care” in our delivery of services (Herbert, 2010). In fact, using “pre-activity ...

Woman doing core exercise with small stability ball

Challenging Core Exercises Using the Small Stability Ball

As fitness professionals and enthusiasts, we're always on a quest for new exercises to ignite our creativity. Small soft stability balls are a great addition to any group fitness class or workout. ...

Find Your Superpower to Start Fresh in Group Fitness!

Are you new to teaching group fitness, new to a format, or new to a gym? Anytime we start something new we have to step out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. These transitions can make us ...

12 Ideas for Promoting Your Fitness Classes on Social Media

With everything that social media has to offer, it's the perfect platform to build your brand as a fitness instructor and encourage people to join your classes. Here are 12 rapid-fire ideas for ...

20 Tips to Keep Members in 2020

New Year, New Members It's that time of year when everyone sets goals to change their lives for the better. Among the goals set, we find fitness. This means the gym parking lots get full, the locker ...

How to Find Your Niche as a Fitness Instructor

With the fitness industry getting more competitive all the time, you might have heard that finding a niche for yourself in group exercise puts you at an advantage. For example, it sets you apart from ...

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Motivational Interviewing- Help Members Master their Goals in the New Year!

It’s that time of year~ members are motivated to make change and we are eager to tell them what to do to accomplish their goals. But what if telling our members what to do isn’t the best way to ...

group fitness class in session

Three Things Strong Instructors Never Do!

Strength can be defined in a lot of different ways, but when it comes to teaching fitness classes strength in character matters as much as physical strength. How we treat others and where we focus ...

group cycling class

#1 Best Test to See if You're a Good Instructor!

How do you know if you’re a good instructor? Is it based on member feedback, if you have a great following, or how your director evaluates you? Even if you are an amazing instructor- and I’m sure you ...

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