Q&A With Lisa M. Germani: The Joys of Group Fitness

A Chat With Lisa Germani: How does she do it? Balance her work as a reporter and teach Group Fitness through AFAA?

group fitness participants smiling

7 Tips for Self-Care While Teaching Virtual Group Fitness Classes

Teaching group fitness classes can be physically demanding on the body, especially if an instructor is teaching a high volume of classes weekly. Instructors need to keep their own physical self-care ...

Online group fitness teacher demonstrating exercise for client

How to Run an Online Group Fitness Class [Guide]

Imagine you are a successful group fitness instructor. It has taken you many years to build up your skills, class numbers, and clientele. Suddenly, your successful group fitness practice was smashed ...

4 Ideas to Improve Your Fitness Instructing During Social Distancing

Group fitness instructors are a driven cohort of social beings and helpers. Social distancing can feel like a significant loss. The once day-to-day connection with clients has been replaced with home ...

How to Successfully Record Fitness Videos in 7 Steps

There are critical first steps to consider when creating and recording a fitness video smoothly and effectively. Though much more can be discussed on how to use editing software and tools to add ...

group fitness class

How to Modify Workouts Like a Pro

In a perfect world, every fitness facility could offer each class at multiple ability and intensity levels, or custom-tailored to each individual’s ailments and injuries. But in reality, group ...

Online Group Fitness Classes

Social Distancing Can Be the New Social Connecting

“Social Distance Group Fitness” - sounds like a great class, right? Due to the changes in the world, group fitness instructors are struggling to use fitness to connect and inspire participants.

How to Reset During Stress

Make the Most of Change and Hitting Reset

Do you struggle with change? Are you a person who likes to know what to expect and feels out of sorts when things don’t go as planned? Today, Angie talks about the benefit of being out of a routine, ...

Group Fitness Audition

Audition-Ready! Experts' Secrets on How to Stand Out

Perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of being a group fitness instructor is the all-important audition. Demonstrating your suitability and skill as an instructor to a club owner or manager ...

Group Fitness Instructors

Tips from A Tribe of Seasoned Instructors

Group Fitness Instructors have a unique skill set; they’re the masters of multitasking. They can effectively entertain, motivate, relate, count, smile, and point all at the same time while they have ...

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